KLJB: About us

The Catholic Rural Youth Movement (KLJB) is one of the biggest catholic youth movements in Germany, with 70,000 members. Members of KLJB love the countryside. You can feel the enthusiasm for their living space. With creativity and drive the youngsters and young adults get involved in their rural areas. Only a small part of KLJB members still work in the agricultural sector. Nevertheless, they are most aware of the importance of rural areas.  


KLJB has represented the interests of rural youth and worked in favour of an active and vital Church since 1947. Its members play an active role in creating the future of society and speak up for a fair and sustainable world. For example, they promote the Fairtrade movement, gender equality and climate protection.


The youngsters and young adults organise their interests within the democratic structures of the movement. They learn how to create opinion- and decision making processes experiencing a lot of fun during their leisure time. More than 5,000 young people do volunteer work as group leaders or as delegates in the numerous committees of KLJB.  


International Network

KLJB is an active member movement of its umbrella organisation MIJARC (International Movement of Catholic Agricultural and Rural Youth). MIJARC also aims to promote solidarity and sustainable rural development worldwide. MIJARC interconnects organisations from more than 40 countries all over the world with altogether about two million members.


If you have any questions, don?t hesitate to contact us: bundesstelle(at)kljb.org